Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder… and Makes Your Blog Very Repetetive…

So, I’ve not posted on here for a while.

There are reasons, but I won’t bore you. Needless to say, I’ve been hilariously busy and have been letting this slip unnoticed through the detritus of my mind until today when I suddenly realised; “S**t! I’ve not done a blog in AGES!”, and thought I’d better say something before the few people who do read my blog think I’ve died.

In my absence things have happened;

Lost has come back online

Dollhouse has gotten good

Heroes has dropped off my personal radar and been brushed under the rug of ‘Meh…’

Fringe has apparently disappeared…

Star Trek looks AMAZING!!!

I’ve been levelling a new character on WoW

I’ve been playing quite a bit of DoW (that’s Dawn of War for the uninitiated) online (Tau and Necrons FTW!)

The cat has been a b**tard (he still has his little feline gonads so we will have to take care of that before Kenny and Kyle’s Dad come round here Cheesing)

People have added some of my DeviantArt-hosted artworks to their ‘favourites’ lists (oh, btw, I’m on deviantart – RykerWulf – check me out)


Typical! I start writing about something and before I even get into doing it regularly, the f**ker is pulled off the air! (Alright, I knew it was ending this season but I deserve to moan about something once in a while, yeah?)

Either way, a lot has happened this past month and before I forget about it entirely (the way I did with Twitter ’til just now…) I’m going to post this as a little amuse-bouche (or amuse-esprit – get on Babelfish and work it out non-Frenchies!) to whet your insatiable appetite for bloggage.



~ by ninjabreadmen on April 2, 2009.

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