This week in TV: Lost and Heroes

I don’t write much about these two particular series’ (plural of series? Serii?) but thought I’d give them a mention today.

Heroes first!

Ross (who, as has been mentioned before, is a friend from work and fellow geek (who probably wouldn’t mind being pidgeon (spelling?!) -holed further as a cyber- or techno-geek)) has informed me this afternoon that Heroes looks like it’s getting back on form after several ‘seasons’ (quotations due to the fact that firstly they call seasons volumes and, while you can argue that a half season could be called a full season because of the way they handled and marketed it, I’d be inclined to disagree) of being decidedly shit. Lets not dance around the issue here; after the phenomenal success of series one the writing became lazy, the character development went from deep and compelling to dreary and soapy, not to mention the phenomenal power of Emo that seems to have seeped inexorably into the darkest corners of all of my favourite shows lately, and the plot seems to have lost the… well, the plot.

However! Having seen the new episode of Kring’s wonderfully flawed and horrifyingly badly treated ugly-duckling of a child, Ross is enthusiastic for the shows immediate future. I haven’t seen this transformation with my own eyes, but I am leaning towards believing him almost without question as he is one of the harshest critics when it comes to… well, just about anything. So when he says something is good, you’ll probably see it in the running for some sort of award in the not too distant future. And, while I’ve successfully boycotted Heroes for the larger part of the third ‘volume’, I might be persuaded to give it another go!

(Just so we’re clear, rather than watch the rest of the third series I’ll either get the low-down off Ross or trust that Wiki won’t lie to me about the events that have unfolded since my absence)

Anyhoo, I said that this blog was about Heroes and Lost, so now comes the Lost portion.

If you haven’t seen 316 or The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, I’d suggest buggering off and watching them (I’ll let you choose your own viewing method, legal or… otherwise).

Go on.

I’ll wait.


Wasn’t that FANTASTIC?! I mean, SERIOUSLY!

Every time I watch a series of Lost to its conclusion I turn around and say, ‘That’s it, I’m done, I’m not watching it again.’ I get so disheartened by the fact that every time we get that double-episode season finale we are told perhaps one thing we might not have known and left with umpteen (it’s a word!) more sodding questions that we didn’t even know needed an answer up until that point!

(Apart, of course, from the age-old “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!”, which is, by now, so much a staple of Lost that it ceases to become a question and more a general tag line for the series)

However, I always come back to it and this time I have not been disappointed! This i possibly the best season of Lost yet and, while I’m sure the hardcore Lostophiles (or whatever they call themselves (seriously, I’ll bet there is a group of ultimate saddos out there calling themselves ‘The Sons of Dharma’ or something) will tell me that the shows integrity has been compromised by current events, or that it’s lost some of that hardcore cards-close-to-its-chestedness that it started out with, but to them all I say ‘BALLS’. This season is possibly the most watchable, the most accessible of any season so far and for that the makers need a great big round of applause.

If you aren’t watching Lost, you should be. In response to all the hours fanboys (and girls) have spent debating the motives, reasons, explanations, questions, answers and more questions that dot the show like a fatal case of chickenpox, Cuse, Lindeloff and the gang are finally furnishing us with less questions and more answers and explanations.

Thanks guys! You rock.

Watch Lost. Tell me you didn’t enjoy it. I dare you.




~ by ninjabreadmen on February 26, 2009.

One Response to “This week in TV: Lost and Heroes”

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here. Heroes does look like it’s getting better now that the writers have come out of their ‘let’s write about any old crap and draw it out for as long as we can’ phase. As for Lost, I get more and more confused everytime I watch an episode – but I’m making it my life’s mission to find out what’s going on lol =)

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