Next Blog Incoming!

Hi all (though I am in no doubt that VERY few people (if ANY) actually read my blog!), just thought I’d throw an update on here and say that I will be doing another BSG blog (though will, hopefully, keep it far shorter than the last one!) as soon as I’ve watched the episode. I’ve not got around to it yet, but will do!

Also, I’ve been thinking of blogging about a few ideas I’ve had for films and such, so if you’re interested in such things come and take a look (but be patient because it does take me AGES to get anything solid enough to be an actual IDEA!).

Finally, I’ve been watching the new Lost also, alongside a few other TV shows (Fringe, True Blood, some X-Files) so I’ll probably blog about that too, and about some films I’ve seen recently, so watch out for those.

I think that’ll do for now, so I’ll see you later!




~ by ninjabreadmen on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “Next Blog Incoming!”

  1. Hah! just to answer the rhetorical question – I was ‘ere!

    (I just was on Hannah’s blog and found a link – however I must admit I got very confused trying to digest something potentially sci-fi flavoured and backed away from the computer incase I became infected by a “Series” :-O I have lots of work to do!!! EEEek)

    Hope you, Hannah and the furry friends are doing well now after your recent virus-scare-type-thing!


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