Well, I’ve spent the last four hours designing and making my header to the specifications laid out by the theme I’ve chosen (I’m going to call it the lesser of all the evils apparent in the wordpress themes page), tried a couple of different iterations of the background and the character colours (they are, as you may have guessed, a pair of Ninjabread Men (well, one’s a Ninjabread Woman but who’s counting?)), messed with the text for a good fifteen to twenty minutes, and, finally happy with the ‘finished’ product and, lo and behold, theres a shocking great bloody LINE through the MIDDLE of it!!!

As you may have guessed I am less than happy with this eventuality, but – hey ho! – life goes on and I’ll have to have another go at doing it properly or, at the very least, just taking the text out and resaving. I’d do it now but i just can’t… be… arsed!

If you wanted to see what it looks like without the <insert mumbled expletive here> line through it, here it is in all it’s lineless glory!

As it should be, sans line

As it should be, sans line

Right then, I’m off to sleep and insert mumbled expletives into my girlfriend’s ear (gosh doesn’t that sound rude!).




~ by ninjabreadmen on January 27, 2009.

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