A Quick Introduction…

Hello wordpress viewers/readers!

Just a quick note on who I am and what I’ll be blogging about on here…

My name is Jamie, and I’m a filmmaker (no, I’ve not done anything you would have seen). I’m currently trying to get some cash together to fund a small, indie production (details to come as appropriate), while working for a production company in Staffordshire. Unfortunately, I keep on having to pay for other things so the cash is, more often than not, diverted away from the ‘film-fund’!

I’m a big (read; HUGE) fan of TV and film, and will, more than likely, be writing about them more than anything else on the blog. I am also into gaming (unfortunately this does mean World of Warcraft (‘Oh noes! Not another one!’ I hear the masses cry)), art, and literature (predominantly sci-fi, but I will read anything with an interesting blurb and/or front cover that I like the look of), so they will also get a mention from time to time.

I think that that is about it from me for now, but I will whack some more stuff up as and when I find time/inclination!




~ by ninjabreadmen on January 26, 2009.

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